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Expert lawn care services that goes beyond the basics and focuses on the health and care of your lawn with a professional approach at very affordable prices. As a Shorewood lawn care company we understand the fundamentals of the best lawn care practices to provide your lawn with the right ingredients, with the right amounts, at the right time. Our core belief is to implement organic lawn care  practices that reduces the use of pesticides, while delivering great results.

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Why choose us as your Shorewood lawn care provider?

Besides professional quality services, Home & Garden Lawn Care understand the importance of turf management best practices by incorporating organic materials whenever possible, avoiding overuse of chemicals which only help in short periods of time, using only the best commercial equipment that exceeds EPA standards, and keeping up to date with products, techniques, and local ordinances in Shorewood, IL.

Lawn Mowing

From April through November we mow your lawn on a mutually agreed-upon schedule to keep the edges trimmed, the lawn green, and freshly cut so you don’t have to worry about fitting another thing into your busy schedule. Our grass cutting techniques make use of the the best industry standards and incorporates new custom approaches specially designed for cutting the lawn in Shorewood, IL.

We are just a few of the lawn care companies in Shorewood that offer weekly, bi-weekly, and one time lawn mowing services, with no attachments, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and competitive prices.

Lawn Aeration

During the spring and fall we provide lawn core aeration services in the Shorewood area which improves the lawn’s overall health by breaking up soil compaction, which helps in the process of nutrient absorption, air circulation to the roots, and water drainage. Overseeding your lawn immediately after overseeding is a recommended practice to help thicken up the lawn by introducing newer seed grass types.

Fertilizer treatments in Shorewood, IL

Home & Garden Lawn Care can help you have the thick, green lawn you want while minimizing damage to the beautiful environment we all enjoy. With lots of newer homes in the Shorewood area, soils don’t have the right amount of nutrients to maintain turf grass. Our approach is to balance soil pH levels in your lawn by providing the right amount of ingredients at the right time. With the help of a soil test, we can determine the type of fertilizer to use. In some cases, lime applications will be applied in order to help in the process of balancing pH levels.

We offer a fertilizer program which includes, 6 fertilizer applications, weed control, pre emergent, winterizer, grub control, fungicide, and insect control. Everything you need to keep your lawn green and healthy at affordable prices.

A local lawn care company

As a local lawn care company we are able to provide services in a timely manner since we work in the Shorewood neighborhoods almost everyday, from Jefferson St, Route 59 to South River Rd, you can find us servicing our customers, pumping gas at Gas N Wash,  getting equipment parts at  Shorewood Home and Auto, or getting materials at Tri County Stockdale.

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Shorewood Lawn, landscape, and garden Ordinances

The village of Shorewood and its city codes and ordinances is dedicated to protecting the safety, health, and quality of life for the residents of Shorewood, Illinois. Through education and enforcement, code compliance staff helps to maintain the quality of the community.

We have added some lawn, landscaping, and general outdoor property city codes and suggestions to help you keep your property and neighborhood looking beautiful. Please visit the Shorewood city website for a detailed information regarding lawn maintenance, yard care, and landscape city codes and FAQ’s.

Keep your lawn healthy, weed and disease free, mow your lawn in a regular basis so that you keep your grass under 8 inches (the recommended mowing height in Shorewood, IL is 3″ – 3.5″ inches). Mulching of flower beds is highly recommended in landscape areas, tree rings and flower beds. Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil, reduces weeds, and make the garden look more attractive. Keep tree branches, weeds, and turf, under control within your property. In order to maintain the public way in a safe condition for pedestrians, please make sure brick mail boxes are safe and in good structural condition and free of all obstructions.

Ensure all sprinklers are working properly to prevent water waste. Lawn watering and the use of sprinklers is permitted from 6:00 am to 10:00 am and from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. We highly recommend to water your lawn early in the morning between 6:00 am and 10:00 am, a wet lawn at night has shown to improve the chances of getting fungal disease in turf. You are allowed to water your lawn on even number dates if your street address contains even numbers. If your street address contains odd numbers, you should water turf on odd number dates. Sod installation and new seed lawn watering by permit only from Public Works Department. It is highly encouraged by the Shorewood, IL village the use of rain barrels as it reduces the amount of water that flows from your property (saving you money). It’s a great way to conserve water and it’s free water for use in your lawn, garden and landscape.

Do you want to share ideas about gardeing, lawn care, or landscaping in the Shorewood, IL area? Then, register for a garden plot in the Shorewood Community Garden!