Joliet Lawn Renovation

overseeding front lawn

Joliet, IL property located in the 60435 zip code by the beautiful  cathedral area was in need of some lawn renovation services. The backyard lawn was in good condition and we only worked in the front lawn which was lacking color with lots of bare spots. We recommended core aeration, 3 yards of compost (top dressing) overseeding and fertilizer. Fertilizer program was recommended to help the grass recover from years of lack of maintenance.

First step was to core aerate the lawn, double aeration  in some areas. After aeration, we spread grass seed, we use a 50/50 grass seed mixture with shade seed mixture spread under the large trees that are predominant in the neighborhood. A Lesco seed starter fertilizer 24-12-8 was spread after overseeding, to help in the seed germination process while adding some valuable nutrients to the lawn. To finalize, we spread compost on top of the lawn to improve the soil, the lawn, and increase seed germination rates.

Our Joliet lawn care services will promote the greener, thicker lawn you deserve guarantee. Our lawn services for Joliet, IL include cutting the lawn, overseeding, dethatching, slit seeding, fertilizer, weed control, grub control, fungicides, compost, mulch, shrub trimming, edging, decorative stone, drainage, planting, lawn maintenance and turf management.

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