Lawn Renovation Naperville, IL

Core aeration machine

Lawn renovation project in Naperville, IL. Skipped maintenance, extreme temperatures in the Naperville area, and disease caused this lawn to deteriorate. We recommended our full lawn renovation package that included, Lawn dethatching, aeration, overseeding, fertilizer / seed starter, and top dressing with compost. Top dressing a lawn with compost is the practice of spreading a thin layer of compost material (or pulverized quality soil) on an existed lawn with the purpose of improving both the soil & the overall wellness of the turf. Some other top dressing materials used in lawns in Naperville are top soil and sand. Top dressing helps to smooth the lawn surface, improves water/moisture retention, balances soil pH, promotes a quicker recovery from physical damage, controls thatch and reduces incidence of disease.

Lawn preparation – Power rake and aeration

We started by power raking the lawn with a professional dethatcher which removes the matted layer of dead grass from the lawn allowing water, air, and nutrients to better reach the root system.  The next step was to core aerate the entire property for better seed germination rates. Core aeration improves your lawn’s health and vigor by breaking up soil compaction, which improves water drainage, nutrient absorption and air circulation to the root system.

Benefits Of Aeration

Aeration benefits the lawn and soil in different ways, when you aerate your lawn, you reduce soil compaction, helps improve drainage, improves seed germination rates when overseeding, encourages root development, and promotes a healthier lawn in general. Core aeration should be implemented in your yearly lawn care program in Naperville as a way to maintain a healthy, disease and pest free lawn.

Benefits Of Dethatching

Dethatching, also known as power raking is a more infrequent lawn renovation service that should be performed only when thatch levels exceed 2 inches or more.

lawn dethatching
Removing the matted dead grass layer under the lawn with a power rake.
Core aeration machine
Core aeration is done after dethatching to prepare the lawn for overseeding.

Over-seeding and Top dressing

After lawn and soil preparation, we overseeded the entire lawn with turf grass seed specially formulated for the Naperville, IL area and applied seed starter fertilizer (Lesco 12-24-8 fertilizer). Our last step was to spread a 1/4 thick layer of compost on top of the lawn which improves the soil, seed germination rates, drainage, and the overall health of the lawn.

Top dressing with compost
Top dressing with compost after dethatching and core aeration.
Spread compost on top of the lawn
Spreaded compost on top of the lawn before applying seed starter and fertilizer.

Naperville Lawn Maintenance

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