This service includes dethatching / power raking your entire lawn with a professional powered lawn dethatcher. All debris will be collected and removed from property. Walkways, sidewalks, and driveway will be blown free of debris.

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Improve the overall health of your lawn by removing  the thick thatch buildup that prevents air, light, and water from reaching the root system. This matted layer of dead grass will not decompose and can only be removed mechanically with a lawn dethatcher.

Lawn dethatching is recommended at least every other year. Please contact us for a free no obligation assessment of your lawn.   This service is performed during spring and fall. We recommend overseeding, fertilizer/seed starter and/or aerating for poor quality lawns.

Benefits of dethatching:

  • Removes the unwanted matted layer of dead grass in your lawn
  • Allows water, air, and nutrients to better reach the grass root system
  • Reduces pests and fungus diseases
  • Increase grass tolerance to drought stress
  • Improves color and lawn density if combined with overseeding and seed starter fertilizer

To prepare your lawn for this service, please mark your sprinklers heads, underground wires, electric fence, or any area that you do not want dethatched. Mow your lawn short 1 – 2 days before dethatching for better results.

full lawn dethatching description.

Lawn size:

Less Than 12,000 Sq Ft, Less Than 8,000 Sq Ft


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