Top Dressing

Top dressing your lawn with compost is the most organic natural way to improve both your lawn and soil. Top dressing is achieved by simply spreading 1/4 inch layer of compost, or quality soil on top on your lawn. Top-dressing  improves and balances soil ph which improves the lawn root system. Top dressing is labor intensive and most lawn and landscape companies do not offer this service despite the benefits it offers.

Benefits of top dressing

  • Improves soil structure and drainage
  • Reduces thatch buildup
  • Reduces the use of fertilizer
  • Increases seed germination when overseeding
  • Reduces lawn stress
  • Helps smoothing the surface of the lawn

Top dressing benefits are so numerous that it should be included in your yearly lawn care program.

Best time to top dress?

Ideally, if you are overseeding, spring and early fall are the best time to do top dressing since you’ll want to give your grass time to grow through 3-4 more mowings before severe heat or cold. If you order top dressing with any other of our services, they will be performed same day, unless requested.

Top dressing
Crew spreading compost, fertilizer and seed.

Top dressing details

We spread a 1/4 thick layer of high quality compost on top of your lawn. On average, a yard less than 8000 Sq ft will take about 4 cubic yards of compost, generally speaking about 1 cubic yard for every 2000 Sq ft of lawn. This service includes, compost delivery, installation (spreading) and clean up.

Compost quality

Our compost exceeds state requirements and surpasses quality standards by the USDA national organic program. Please check to see the certificate. Compost is produced by the Waste Management Willow Ranch Romeoville location at 1371 N Joliet Rd, Romeoville, Illinois. where you as a consumer can also purchase it.

Our truck picking up some compost from the Romeoville location.

How do I know if I need to top dress my lawn?

Top dress should be done If you have a poor quality lawn, bare spots, a thin lawn or just want to improve your lawn. A soil test is sometimes needed in order to get your soil quality and ph. If you are not sure about top dressing, give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

compost top dressing
Top dressing with compost in Orland Park.
top dressing
Lockport top dressing with compost
Lawn renovation project in Lockport, Illinois that included core aeration, overseeding and top dressing with compost.
Top dressing with compost
overseeding front lawn
Seeding and compost
before and after compost spreading
before and after top dressing

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