Advantages And Disadvantages Of Seed Versus Sod

Tired of having a neighbor who has the most stunning lawn on your street? Well, with a little knowledge as your secret weapon, you can have a green lawn that will rival the best one in your vicinity. Lawn care is a science of sorts and has a great deal to do with how you start it each spring. We’re talking about the difference between sodding or seeding and if you aren’t sure about what this is all about, read on.

What’s The Deal About Sod?

Well, in simple terms, mature strips of already pre-grown grass that have been specially formulated and grown by a professional is delivered to your property. It arrives in bundles that can be rolled out like a carpet runner. Sod installation involves running these beside each other to create a fast lawn in less than a day.

But, What About Seeding?

This process will take you a lot longer. What you are doing, in this case, is starting the grass in your lawn from seed. You will be planting, sprouting, watering and mowing it as it grows. The easy way to think about this is to visualize your yard as a garden that will only have grass in it after some time.

Advantage/Disadvantage #1


Cost is going to be the at the top of the list when you end up making your decision as to whether to sod or seed. Sod turf is the more expensive of the two as you are paying for grass that has already been grown by someone else. Seed is far cheaper even if you choose the high-end seed mix for the best possible lawn for your growing conditions. Sodded lawns are about 20x times more expensive than a seeded lawn. The average cost of sod per sq ft is 0.35 cents. In the Chicago area, the biggest sod supplier is Central Sod Farms.

Advantage/Disadvantage #2


Time is another major consideration when planning your lawn. If you demand a quick fix so that you can enjoy your property all summer long, then sod is the best choice in this category. That’s because seed will take longer to mature, even if you happen to have some sort of magic bean in the mix. Expect this to take weeks to happen.

Advantage/Disadvantage #3


Quality is one more factor that can weigh heavy in your choice. Sod is not always weed free, and there are fewer choices of grass varieties available as sod. With seed, there are several different varieties of grasses available. Plus, when you use seed, root systems grow more efficiently as the grass matures. With sod, roots may not fully develop.

Compost, seeding, seed starter
Overseded and top dressed lawn before and after.

The Wild Card

Soil conditions will determine whether or not sod or seed will take root (pun intended) in your yard. The preparation of the soil is vital to the survival of the type of lawn you create. In order to understand what it needs to create the right growing environment, you will need to have soil tests conducted. Don’t be too surprised if you end up having to add various fertilizers  or nitrogen to the soil before seeding or sodding. Regardless, you’ll be glad you did if your matured lawn makes your neighbors drool.