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Home & Garden Lawn Care is a residential lawn care and treatment company, serving residents in Crest Hill, Illinois. We provide weekly lawn mowing, aeration, dethatching, overseeding, fertilizer, weed control, top dressing, slit seeding, mulch, and landscape maintenance. We would appreciate the opportunity to visit your property in the Crest Hill area, sit down with you and discuss your lawn care needs and help you develop a custom lawn care plan to maintain and improve your outdoor area spaces in your home. Get in touch with our  Crest Hill lawn care specialists today at (815) 714-2174 today and schedule a time for your personal consultation and free estimate.

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Crest Hill Mowing Services

Mowing the grass can be time consuming sometimes, Call Home & Garden Lawn Care to keep your lawn freshly mowed every week, every other week, or at any time on a one time mowing basis with our easy to schedule online ordering service. Lawn mowing in Crest Hill, IL includes cutting lawn, trimming all areas inaccessible to mowing equipment, edging, and blowing.

Lawn Core Aeration Service

Our Lawn Aeration in Crest Hill will improve your lawn overall health by perforating the lawn and removing plugs of soil from it. Core aeration should be included in your lawn care plan at least once a year to help it recover from harsh weather conditions and excessive foot traffic. Commonly known as core aeration, or just aeration, should be performed during spring and/or fall when temperatures are warm during the day and cooler at night. We recommend overseeding when doing core aeration to promote new growth that can better withstand disease and pests.

We have been working in the Crest Hill, Illinois area for quite some time and are pretty familiar with the type of grass and soil conditions. Our approach to lawn care is very simple, improve soil conditions organically with the use of compost which can be bought from the  Yard Waste Composting facility in Romeoville, and make use of the best agricultural practices to better prepare and improve the grass root system which in return, improves lawn overall health.

Visit our local Crest Hill city hall at 1610 Plainfield Road Crest Hill, IL 60403 to get more information about lawn city ordinances, and resources. Or visit the Crest Hill city hall website.

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We combine our experience with great customer service to provide our customers in the Crest Hill area with professional quality lawn care services. You will see results, or your money back!

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Crest Hill Lawn and landscape Ordinances

The following suggestions will help your home, lawn, and landscape maintain its value and keep your neighborhood looking beautiful in the city of Crest Hill, IL. Please visit the Crest Hill city website for a full description of  city ordinances regarding lawn maintenance, turf care, landscaping, and landscape maintenance.

Keep your yard clean and presentable, Mow your lawn frequently (Weekly lawn cutting is recommended during the growing season) so that you do not remove more than one-third of the total grass height which is very helpful for turf wellness. Try to keep your lawn weed free and disease free to keep the neighborhood looking beautiful. We highly recommend to mulch your garden areas as it provides protection against weeds , helps retain moisture in shrubs and plants, and gives a nice, fresh looking appearance. Keep tree branches under control within your property.

Ensure all sprinklers are working properly to prevent water waste. Lawn watering and sprinkling with water supplied by the Crest Hill city water system is permitted from May 10 through September 10. Water your lawn or garden in odd numbered days if your street address ends in an odd number only. If your street address ends in an even number, you are allowed to water your grass minimums or landscape areas on even numbered days only.