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We offer full lawn care services in the city of Aurora, Illinois and surrounding towns to provide our customers with great quality products and professional services that will allow them to improve their lawn and landscape areas. Our lawn services for the town of Aurora, IL include core aeration, overseeding, fertilizer and dethatching.

Dethatching service

Power Raking / Dethatching Service

If you live in Aurora, IL you know how harsh weather conditions affect our lawns in the midwest. This climate fluctuations deteriorate and stress turf that eventually decay and needs to be rejuvenated. Our Dethatching service will remove the matted thatch layer of dead grass that most of the times is caused by extreme temperatures and disease. Our power raking service includes the collection and disposal of all debris resulted from dethatching your lawn.

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When you order services from us, you get quality, professional services that are guaranteed. Schedule lawn renovation services to enjoy a green, lush, healthy lawn in Aurora, IL.

Lawn Aeration, Aurora, IL

Our lawn core aeration service for the city of Aurora, Illinois will improve soil conditions, and drainage while allowing fertilizer, water, and air to easily reach the grass root system. Improve your lawn overall health by core aerating your lawn. We highly suggest to do overseeding immediatly after aeration to promote a denser, greener lawn, fix bare spots, and to introduce more advance grass seed types that better tolerate disease and harsh weather conditions.

Aeration promotes healthier lawns and strengthens the root system.

Stand on aerator
Aerating lawn in Joliet, Illinois.

Top Dressing / Compost

Top dressing is a service we offer to fix bare spots, improve lawn density, improve and balance soil pH levels. Top dressing is nothing more than evenly spreading compost on top of the lawn, (normally 1/4 inch thick layer). If your lawn has lots of bare spots, lacks color, or just looks unhealthy, it is time to rejuvenate it applying compost.

Our quality compost in Aurora, IL will improve your lawn guaranteed, or your money back.

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